WOD 2016-10-20 (Thursday) Inversions, Toes to Bars & Chest to Bars

A. Inversions, Toes to Bars & Chest to Bars Skin the Cat (or Inverted Hang) 5x 2-3 reps, EMOTM * On rings. ** Use spotters. Rest 1 min Toes to Bar + Chest to Bar Pull Up 5x 3-5 reps, EMOTM (Intermediate: 5 Knees to Chests + 5 Jumping CTBPUs) Basic Track Body Rows 5x […]

​​WOD 2016-10-19 (Wednesday) Strict Press

A. Strict Press Find 1RM in 12 minutes. Basic Track 5 Rounds: 10-10-10-6-6 Seated Dumbbell Presses, increasing 10-10-10-4-4 Body Rows [harder incline on last 2 sets] 10 Scapula push ups B. MetCon Rx 10-8-6-4-2, for time (10 min cap): Cleans (135#/95#) Ring dips Basic Track 12-10-8-6-4 for time: KB Deadlifts Squat jumps Bench dips C. […]