WOD 2014-12-19 (Friday) Push press; “A Few Minutes with the Bear”

A. Barbell Warm Up Burgener WU High-hang Power Snatch, x5 (empty bar) Snatch Deadlift B. Push press 6x 3 reps C. MetCon “A Few Minutes with the Bear” Rx AMRAP in 8 min of: 1 Power clean (135#/95#) 1 Front squat 1 Push press 1 Back squat 1 Behind the neck push press Scale 2 […]

WOD 2014-12-17 (Wednesday) Hang power snatch + Overhead squat

Here’s our holiday schedule guys! December 22 and 23 : regular classes December 24 to 26 : no classes December 27 : open box (time to be announced) December 30 to January 1 : no classes Happy holidays! – – – WOD 2014-12-17 (Wednesday) A. Barbell Warm Up Burgener WU (pvc/empty bar) High-hang Power Snatch, […]

WOD 2014-12-16 (Tuesday) Pull ups & Dip support holds

A. Pull ups & Dip support holds For quality, EMOTM for 8 min: Odd: Pull ups, 5-10 reps (CTB/Strict/Seated) * If seated, use a 31X1 tempo. Even: Dip support hold, 15-45 seconds (rings/box) B. MetCon Rx AMRAP in 16 min of: 3 Deadlifts (155#/95#) 5 Burpees over bar 7 V-ups Scaled AMRAP in 11 min of: […]

Accessory work; WOD 2014-12-15 (Monday) Strict Press

Accessory work Hi everyone! From now on, I will intermittently be posting accessory work for you to do. This is not part of the WOD, just something extra that will help you shore up weaknesses and be that much more awesomerer. For today’s accessory work, I included face pulls. What are they? Please have a […]

WOD 2014-12-08 (Monday) Back Squat

So all classes today are cancelled aside from the morning class. If you were able to WOD this morning then good work! Otherwise, please stay safe and hunker down for the typhoon that’s coming in. A lot of you are bummed that you won’t be able to come in to the box to get your […]