WOD 2015-05-26 (Tuesday) Body Row Hold and Handstand Hold

A. Body Row Hold and Handstand Hold 5 Rounds, for quality: A1 Body row hold, 10-30 sec. A2 Handstand hold/Pike hold, 10-45 sec. A3 Shoulder dislocates, 10 reps * MAKE SURE that you maintain proper posture on the handstand. Absolutely NO ARCHING allowed. B. MetCon Rx 0-6 min, AMRAP of: 1 Strict pull up 3 […]

WOD 2015-05-15 (Friday) Snatches, Dips, and Candlesticks

A. Barbell Warm Up Burgener Warm Up High hang power snatch, x5 10 Sec. Pause OHS, x5 B. High Hang Power Snatch + Hang Power Snatch + Overhead Squat 6x 2(1+1+1) * No Foundations – EMOTM for 10 min, do: 3 Goblet squats, 3 Sit ups C. MetCon Rx 6 Rounds, for time (10 min […]