10 Silly Mistakes that a Golfer Beginner Makes

The fact is, you may not find many games or sports that are as technical as the game of golf. No doubt, at the very beginning, golf can be tricky and challenging to learn. And that is why one of the first few things you should understand is that the game of golf demands a lot of resilience and perseverance. But as technical as golf playing is, you can quickly learn the basics and move on to a lot of practice to build a successful career anywhere in the world.

Furthermore, at the beginning of a golf career, there are common silly mistakes that many new golfers make at the beginning. This article discusses these simple mistakes and ways to avoid them. Suppose you are relatively new to the game of golf. In that case, you should endeavor to build a successful career with a dynamic process that sidelines all these possible mistakes. 

10 Silly Mistakes that a Golfer Beginner Makes

1. Choosing the Wrong Clubs

One of the easiest mistakes that a beginner golfer can make is to select the wrong golf clubs. It is relatively easy to overlook the aspect of the equipment. In one way, it is not easy to perfect the use of the golf sets before you hit the golf course. However, when you bear in mind that there is a need to learn what each golf club is used for, it is easier to patiently understand them one after the other. There must come a time in your growth where you get fitted for the set of clubs you want to use before taking your swings. Therefore, visit a pro golf club fitter to start off.

2. Difficulty in gripping the club

A beginner may also experience some measure of difficulty in gripping the golf club. Mind you, a reliable and robust golf grip is a good step towards delivering a club square to the intended target with a significant impact. Basically, there are three common types of grip on the golf club. We have the interlocking, the overlapping grip, and the baseball style of grip. So, clearly, there is no good or wrong way to grip the golf club (after all, each person will eventually find the best grip that works for you). If you get your basics correctly, you are on the right path. Check out for more about best Golf clubs qualities visit at https://www.thelocalgolfer.com.au/

3. Poor Alignment

Apart from your golf club grip, a beginner golfer mistake is bound to fail to align the shot and the target. For instance, a slight slip in your direction of the ball toward the target could turn out to be a terrible habit that will cost a lot eventually. The truth is even the pros are not exempted from making alignment mistakes, significantly when their orientation is affected. When you go too far to the left or right, your swing may utterly miss the target. This tendency to cut across the ball only pushes you better into the ‘slicers club.’ 

4. Bad Practice

I was struggling with the fact that this point should have come first or last because it is essential for everyone. Irrespective of your skill level as a golfer, make good and consistent practice a constant feature of your career. Every golfer deserves to practice more and more, irrespective of where you are in your professional golf journey. However, for the sake of this article, newbies should learn early that lousy practice is setting you up for a big mess. Practically, anybody can grab a club and a ball and start hitting out. But what makes you a really gold golfer is how much you learn from your practices. 

5. Sidelining Lessons

Your golf lessons are also part of the fundamental bricks that makes the professional golfer in the nearest future. In structured lessons, it is easy to learn the basics when you start attending core golf lessons. However, the lessons should be taken by a professional golfer who has a theoretical understanding and practical experience of what you need to do. Suppose you fail to learn the basic knowledge because you skip your early golf lessons. In that case, it can lead to developing bad habits that will be hard to remove in the future.  

6. Teeing the ball too high

While setting the golf ball on the golf course, there is a chance you put the ball on the tee that is too high. Many beginners in golf think perching the ball high gives you a better chance of a hit. However, it is only your head telling you that. It is not so in reality. When the tee is too high up, what happens is that you may not really be able to hit the ball correctly at the center. On the other hand, it also makes it more challenging to find the clubface center that needs to contact the ball. So, eventually, a high tee for your ball can lead to poor contact and terrible shots. 

7. Holding your grips too tightly

Often, the way you grip your golf club may eventually determine what you make out of the shot. We can struggle with some of our performance in practical terms simply because we hold the club too tightly. An easy way to look at it is to return to the basics with the help of a professional golfer to tutor you. Whether you hold the golf club too tightly or too lightly, both ways can cause real struggle and not produce the desired results. The former causes stiffness when turning the shoulder due to excess strength of the muscles down there. The golfer loses fluidity, flexibility, or power altogether. 

10 Silly Mistakes that a Golfer Beginner Makes


Finally, beginner golfers stumble at any of these 7 mistakes or others because of failure to adhere to the basics. In other words, if we want to summarize all the problems that a golfer can have at the beginning, then it would be the failure to adhere to the basics. On the other hand, the way to also solve any of the problems is to revisit golf basics. As a golfer continues to grow, he also needs to continue to build on the basic knowledge he has acquired. Whereas, if he identifies that there are bad habits, he should look to correct them. 

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