Best NFT Games With Earning Potential in 2022

Best NFT Games With Earning Potential in 2022

NFT games fans are always on the lookout for the next great thing that will make them the most money. If you think you could be one of them, start by reading about the best nft games with the highest earning potential in 2022.

Sorare – Fantasy Football

Sorare – Fantasy Football is one of best nft games for you if you like fantasy football and Panini stickers. It combines the two concepts into weekly tournaments in which the real-world facts and happenings of the world’s top football leagues influence your deck of cards.

Collect real-life footballer cards and create a deck of five sports heroes to compete in weekly tournaments. In fantasy football, how these players perform throughout the week affects your point total. Real Madrid, Liverpool, and Bayern Munich are among the game’s more than 200 sanctioned clubs.

While it is free to participate and get a beginning pack, and you may win and earn rare cards as well as Ethereum by playing, if you want to continue and win more matches, you will need to purchase rare, super-rare, and unique cards.


Treeverse is still in development, but parts of this NFT game are now accessible; you may purchase ‘Timeless’ characters with Treeverse-specific abilities. The game offers a large open world to explore, combining fantasy and science fiction MMORPGs with MOBA-style action — multiplayer online battle arenas.

Slay animals, create unique weapons, establish guilds, vanquish dungeons… fish. Treeverse is striving towards Triple-A accessibility. Treeverse’s pitch is that it will be more play-and-earn than play-to-earn. Inside the crypto world, excitement is already brewing. As a writer, Ric Galbraith, renowned for his work on Cycle of the Shroom and Punks Comics, has been recruited.

While themes and characters may be purchased at this stage (the game has a $25 million starting investment fund), one thing is certain: the art is top-notch. The Timeless character drawings are completely hand made and stunning, drawing heavily on anime themes.

Bridgeworld (TreasureDAO) 

Bridgeworld is the first game from TreasureDAO, a fascinating eco-system based on the MAGIC token. Consider TreasureDAO to be the decentralized ‘Nintendo of the metaverse,’ hosting and connecting a variety of best nft games.

Bridgeworld’s goal is to gain riches in a variety of methods, including quests, mining, and community elements. In the Atlas Mine, having riches boosts your staking potential, best nft games players may join community-based guilds to boost their mining strength, as well as some tactical game design.

Bridgeworld’s story and design have a vibe of early D&D and text adventures. It may seem convoluted, but the gamification of NFTs and the metaverse lies behind the abundance of world-building — it’s called a ‘bridge world’ for a reason. Bridgeworld is putting a lot of unique game design theory into reality, and it’s one to keep an eye on.

Best NFT Games With Earning Potential in 2022

Star Atlas

Star Atlas PC gamers are spoiled by strategic space NFT games, but Star Atlas might give them a run for their money. This play-to-earn game combines space exploration, mining, commerce, and fighting to provide an experience similar to Elite, but with the added benefit of earning money from your cosmic exploits.

Star Atlus intends to provide Triple-A gaming aesthetics and performance, perhaps setting the bar for future NFT titles. The player against player (PvP) and player versus environment (PvE) missions aren’t yet available, but you may construct a fleet by buying ships and commodities from the in-game marketplace.

It will be interesting to see whether Star Atlus can deliver on its promise of popular gaming with NFT usefulness. Because the game doesn’t seem to have a free-to-play alternative, many players may be turned off by the pay-to-win approach. However, Star Atlus has a lot of potential, and you may start assembling your fleet right now.


Visually Parallel is already regarded as one of the most innovative NFT games. This is a fantasy card game similar to Magic: The Gathering (another one). Parallel features a community-based cooperative component to its card-collecting since the tale concentrates around topics like various species coming together to establish shared truths in order to reconcile differences and rescue the universe.

The card sets are being distributed in pack drops while the game is still under development. With the introduction of the PRIME token, various collecting methods provide different benefits. This paves the way for the team and other partners to offer a number of new initiatives to the Echelon ecosystem.

The Prime Proposal whitepaper, which explains the project’s goals, is the best place to start. Parallel aims to redefine the crypto-based trading card game genre with amazing graphics, storyline, and DEFI (decentralised finance) features — for example, there will be no reprints of cards to ensure uniqueness.

Best NFT Games With Earning Potential in 2022

Wizards and Dragons: Reborn

The open source code for Wizards and Dragons: Reborn came from another game called Wool Game, thus the ‘Reborn’ moniker. The developer recognized an opportunity to improve where the previous game had failed and swiftly mobilized a fan base.

The work at hand is massive, comparable to constructing a bridge while traversing a tunnel. The fact that Wizards & Dragons: Reborn has continued to exist and the creator has not ‘rugged’ the game’s players is the most encouraging indicator of success in the crypto NFT games realm (crypto slang for taking all of the money and running). Yet.

Because of the longer development periods, players have had more time to gather the required assets to play. The game is an RPG in which players’ Wizards collect GP tokens from PvP while avoiding Dragons who would take their GP. Quests and a Job system are also intended but not completed.

Wizards and Dragons: Reborn is an intriguing concept, however the NFT aspect of the game now seems to overpower the gameplay. Time will tell if this matures enough or completely collapses.

What is the significance of NFT games?

With their in-game currency, they are doing some really fascinating economic experiments. If you think of our present society as being solely built on a “inflationary currency,” some of these NFT games will exhibit deflationary mechanisms and alternate eco-systems.

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