The Clicgear Buggy: How Push Carts can help Your Golf Game

The progression of public appearances and the development of golf is increasingly becoming more popular than others. For one, the clicgear buggy can set the pace for the experience you will have on the golf course. The golfer now prefers to walk across the court with pushcarts against the ancient tradition of having a caddie bear the bag’s weight and other tools. Another similar tool that had gained popularity before would be driving the motor cart. Nevertheless, now, the number of people that can hop into the cart has reduced due to the pandemic.

Therefore, there is a need to rethink some of the popular items on the golf course for the game. One of such essential items is the golf buggy. We will particularly consider how the clicgear golf buggy can positively influence your game as the latest version and best choice of pushcart you need. Firstly, let us begin by considering the carts that had existed before now with their respective features.

Push Carts

A 3-wheel Cruiser push cart

One of the peculiar attributes of a 3-wheel pushcart is its sturdy frame comprising a brutal upper strength and lower support cable brackets. It also has a set of adjustable straps that can hold your golf bag very firmly in place. Meanwhile, the clicgear buggy allows you to get from tee to green through its oversized wheels quickly. When walking over the course, you can easily use the foot brake to stop the cart from moving. 

In addition, it has a scorecard holder, a pencil clip, a drink holder, and an inner compartment for clipping balls. Golfers can also take advantage of the tee storage alongside other accessories. When the round ends, you can also collapse it into a smaller size for easy storage and transport to your destination. However, the clicgear buggy has a more complex front hand brake system.

3-Wheel Endeavour Pushcart

The Endeavour pushcart is a brainchild of the Tour Trek brand that allows golfers to cruise around the course with enviable style. The most conspicuous part of the clicgear buggy is its strong body frame, which symbolises stability, dependability, and convenience to the golfer. It also has top and bottom adjustable bungee straps to help maintain your bag’s position while in transit. 

This stability is also ensured, particularly if you have to walk through rough terrain on course. Meanwhile, the clicgear buggy also has multiple storage rooms for golfers to keep their essential personal items. It can also house golf items such as mobile phones, golf balls, tees, beverage holders, and rest.

What about Electric Golf Carts?

Gri-975Li AMB Downhill Braking

The Gri-975Li AMB Downhill Braking Golf Buggy model has proven technology for durability and cutting-edge design. It also has dual high torque motors with step gears within the heavy-duty aluminium tube axle. Meanwhile, the connecting cables are all tucked away within the chassis for top waterproof design. This machine gives no room for loss of control as it automatically manages itself when sliding down a hill. Whereas a clicgear buggy often has a modern braking system that is easy to control by the golfer.

Moreover, it is easy to turn the machine’s speed dial down to reduce its speed. Whereas, reasonable control of the buggy’s speed also means that the golfer will not have to run after the cart. In addition, the manufacturer fixes the battery into a basket and mounts it on the main support structure of the trolley itself. Nevertheless, when you compare it with the clicgear buggy, you have a different experience.

GT DHC Golf Trolley

PowerBug range flagged off the GT DHC flagship model that exhibits all of the qualities you could expect from a GT Plus. Not only so, but it also combines them with the features of the DHC standard. Down Hill Control (DHC) is the feature that enables the trolley to stay in control, especially when going down a hill. In this way, it prevents the golf buggy from slipping off from the golfer and faster than you can manage its speed. Meanwhile, the clicgear buggy is not practically like that.

In addition, the PowerBug is a model known for this automatic speed control and matches with the pre-set walking speed of the handler. Moreover, the machine also has an electronic parking brake that ensures that you can access it whenever you want to stop the buggy. However, the experience is different when choosing the clicgear buggy as your choice of a golf cart.

GT Tour Lithium Trolley

Like the Down Hill Control of the GT DHC, the GT Tour Lithium Buggy has a Variable Run and Park Distance Control feature (VRAP DC). With these components, there are three different pre-set distances that you can manage while using the device. Moreover, it helps you set the proper run on the buggy itself without any fear of losing control. Although, this feature is slightly different for the clicgear buggy of other models.

Meanwhile, the fun part is that after it reaches the particular set distance, it stops on its own through its automatic brake system. In other words, you can even set your trolley in motion for a specified length while being engaged with something else. When it covers that distance, it stops by itself. On the other hand, the clicgear buggy has a hand braking close to the handle.

This feature can save golfers much time while in play and removes the stress of manual control too. In addition, the PowerBug buggy models often have an accessory dock that is well-fitted for easy access and use. The design also makes room for other accessories that you may need while on the golf course. Clicgear buggy or ROVIC buggy is still one of the best classes of buggies out there.

King Buggy – the Clicgear Buggy (Model 8.0)

When you choose the Clicgear buggy model 8.0, you are set for more exceptional features than you can ever dream of. Firstly, its four-wheel design gives much more stability than any 3-wheel pushcart can provide. Meanwhile, the two front pair of wheels bear the front brakes with a peculiar wheel alignment. These two wheels also help to not only control the buggy at any point. It also makes the control level highly accessible for the user of the clicgear buggy. 

The Clicgear Buggy: How Push Carts can help Your Golf Game

The position of the brake level is close to the handle of the clicgear buggy. As a result, the golfer has more confidence that the machine cannot lose its charge at any point in time. The excellent design of the clicgear buggy ensures there is hardly any model that can beat its quality. At the same time, it shows other outstanding benefits that brings all the existing features of golf buggies to the next level. Therefore, every golfer who wants to take his game to the next level should consider the clicgear buggy brand for the best values. 

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